There are many titles that are used to describe permanent make-up. It is primarily a form of tattooing. Many people use different titles such as micro pigmentation specialist, permanent make-up artist, and cosmetic tattooist.

You may also have heard it called semi-permanent make-up as well. However, this is misleading for the client. Although permanent make-up fades dramatically over time. When the pigment is implanted correctly it will permanently stay in the skin. If the technician is not trained well enough and places the pigment in the outer layer of the epidermis, the pigment particles will exfoliate out of the skin during the natural cell renewal activity.

Permanent make-up is used for the application of eyebrows eyeliners and lip liners and lip blush. It can also be used to camouflage skin imperfections.

Miroblading is implanting pigment into the skin using a hand-held tool instead of a machine. The hair strokes are much finer and also stay that way due to the minimal spreading of the pigment under the skin.