Allaboutbrows Franchise Opportunities

Brows have fast become an essential part of every girl’s make-up routine. As a result, we’ve found a rapid increase in the number of people taking training courses solely for brows.

Our flagship brow treatment brand, Allaboutbrows, is the perfect addition to any salon portfolio. Allowing therapists to offer brow transformation and maintenance treatments to their client base.

Since launching Allaboutbrows, we’ve been inundated with enquiries from beauty therapists, brow artists and salon owners who share our passion to teach the art of brow shaping.

Does this sound like you? If you own a salon and have the space to educate, the passion to teach and a love for brows, read on.

What will I be teaching?

Allaboutbrows is a two-day course teaching the art of brow shaping with our carefully put together step-by-step technique.

As a franchisee, you’ll be supported by the central Browmasters Team, who you’ll be in contact with regularly.

What’s included?

  • Trainers training: A two-day course with the Browmasters team.
  • Trainers certificate
  • Trainers kit
  • Training resources including a teaching PowerPoint Presentation on USB
  • Promotional banner
  • Marketing materials
  • Two branded shop window posters
  • Access to exclusive wholesale rates for Allaboutbrows stock for resale
  • Hassle-free approach to registering your students

What training will I be able to deliver?

You’ll be able to deliver our 2-day Allaboutthebrows course at a learner fee of £895 (plus vat if you are vat registered).

How does it work?

As an Allaboutbrows trainer, you are responsible for attracting and managing your learners. You’re welcome to run as many training courses as you wish. We’ll provide you with all the information and support you need to register learners on the course, and, in return, you’ll ill receive the materials you require for that learner, including their kit and personalised certificate.

We charge an annual franchise fee plus a small fee to register each learner. Offering Allaboutthebrow training will enable you to benefit from a very attractive profit margin per leaner. We anticipate that you’ll see a return on your franchise fee by delivering just one training session (with four leaners). What’s not to love?

How many learners can I book on to a course?

We recommend that the maximum number of learners per course if four if you are the sole trainer. However, if you would like to train a member of your team to become a co-trainer, you would be able to increase your group size.

Income generation

Our aim is to share our passion and knowledge with a network of hard-working and inspiring brow artists. We’ve therefore structed our annual franchisee fees and learner registration fees to make our offer extremely attractive and profitable for you and your business.

Browsmasters will no longer be delivering Allaboutbrows training courses to aspiring brow technicians at our training centre. We’ll, therefore, rely upon our network of franchisee’s that we have trained and provide support to. Any incoming enquiry’s will be redirected to the most local franchise to the learner’s address.

Additionally, as a franchise, you’re able to purchase all Allaboutbrows stock at an exclusive wholesale rate. You can retail this at your salon to include a mark-up for you to benefit from. This is an excellent way to gain repeat custom from your learners as they’ll need to but stock from you to offer the treatment.

If you’re not interested in resalable stock, your learners can be directed to the Browmasters online store (however they will pay full retail price).

Franchise locations

Our franchisees have the flexibility to add Allaboutbrows Training to their overall offer. It’s a flexible way to add to your portfolio and increase your revenue.

All franchises will be unique to an area/territory. For example, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Doncaster/Sheffield, York, Newcastle, Bristol, Bath, Cardiff, Southampton etc.

Please note that some franchises have been allocated to specific areas already

Allaboutthebrows Franchise

£ 1500 plus VAT

Our franchise fee is just £1500 plus VAT. Payment must be made in full before you attend your franchisee training. Thereafter you will pay a fee of £150 plus vat and shipping costs for each learner in your course. This fee is to register your learner with Browmasters and to pay for their training pack and certificate.