Celebrity Microbladed Brow Transformations of 2017

As we draw nearer to 2018, we take a look at the biggest and best brow transformation of 2017 – all created with the power of Microblading. This Brow Treatment is a form of Permanent Makeup using traditional tattoo methods – but don’t let that scare you off. Microblading is all about the natural look… using tiny blades, pigment is implanted into the upper dermis of the skin to create crisp, fine, hair strokes, complimenting your natural hair growth.

Take a look at our picks:


The Queen of Pop & R&B is no stranger to all things glamour. The Barbadian Singer’s own Makeup Range, Fenty Beauty, has dominated the market since its launch earlier this year.

There’s no wonder RiRi decided to up her Brow Game with a Microblading Transformation – She has a gorgeous voice and now killer Brows as fierce as her vocals!


Gwen Stefani

She’s a Man-Eater – and now a Microblade Slayer. The American Singer’s Brows have never looked so good.

She’s gone from tweeze-and-tweeze some more, to naturally good-looking decent Brows!


Lena Dunham

She’s a women of many talents – actress, writer, producer & director. We think she should add ‘Brow Transformation Beauty’ to her list of qualities too!

Lena went from Sparse, to Shaped for the Gods


Image: Getty Images

Taylor Swift

The country singer’s Brows were almost nowhere to be seen – cue Microblading! Taylor now has a much more improved shape and colour to complement her stunning eyes.


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